How much notice do you require to place an order?

Most balloons require a minimum of 1 days’ notice; however some require up to 4 days’ notice, please check the description of the balloon. 

Do you offer balloon delivery?

Yes, we do. We use an external driver who delivers our balloons within a 25km radius of Highbury, South Australia. When an order is finalised in the checkout, the delivery cost will be calculated.

Can I pick up my items, to save on delivery fees?

Yes of course, our pickup location is in Highbury, South Australia. 

Can I pick up helium balloons 1-2 days before required?

We recommend picking up helium inflated balloons on the day required, as the balloons always look their best on the day of inflation. However, if you need to pick up your balloons earlier, please review the balloon descriptions to check the balloons estimated longevity.

How long will my helium balloons float for?

It is difficult to provide an accurate float time, as there are many factors which determine the float time of helium balloons. The temperature and humidity on the day, is a big factor which can affect float time. For example, cold weather causes balloons to shrink, and hot weather causes air to escape from balloons quickly.

What are your payment terms?

We require full payment at the checkout once you finalise your order.

Do you sell DIY balloons, or un-inflated balloons?

Our balloons are currently a finished product, which includes inflating the balloon with helium.

Do you deliver balloons to other states, besides South Australia?

Unfortunately our balloons can't currently be delivered interstate due to the delicate nature of the product.

My balloon has popped/deflated, can I get a replacement?

Balloons are a very delicate product and can easily be punctured. Once a balloon has left our business we can no longer take responsibility for the balloon. We use the highest quality balloons and ensure there are no factory faults with our balloons before the customer receives them. There are so many factors which can affect a balloon and once a balloon is no longer in our care we cannot determine what caused it to burst. Hence, if a balloon bursts after delivery or pickup, we are happy to replace it, but at the customer’s cost.